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Building Block 1 – Planning for a Liveable High-density City

Compact City

Integrated City

Unique, Diverse and Vibrant City

Healthy City

Leveraging Green and Blue Assets

Reinventing Public Space and Enhancing Public Facilities

Rejuvenating the Urban Fabric

Inclusive and Supportive City




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Building Block 2 –

Embracing New Economic Challenges and Opportunities

Adequate Land and Space for Economic Growth

A Diversity of Economic Sectors and Quality Jobs with a Range of Skills

Innovation, Technology and Collaboration

Sufficient and Suitable Human Capital

Adequate and Timely Provision of Supporting Infrastructure





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Building Block 3 – Creating Capacity for Sustainable Growth

Ballpark Estimates of Long-term Land Requirements

Creating Development Capacity

Providing Supporting Transport and Other Infrastructure Capacity

Creating, Enhancing and Regenerating Environmental Capacity

A Smart, Green and Resilient City Strategy




Conceptual Spatial Framework

Interactive Map

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